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Tyler McCaul

USA - Utah

The freeride force known as T-MAC grew up following the tire tracks of his older brother, Cam McCaul, dialing complex tricks into their backyard pool and dropping into countless sessions at the legendary Post Office Jumps in Aptos, CA. Over the course of his career, he has evolved his own unique riding style and earned his place among legends in the freeride world.  A Red Bull Rampage veteran, T-MAC excels at big blind drops, huge hits, and pretty much any rowdy line you can point to in the Utah desert. 

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Tyler's Set-Up

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Tyler's Featured Videos


CHAPTER I takes place at a spot deep in the woods that I had been digging at by myself for years. The goal was always to finish building it so that one day I would have more stuff to ride in an area that riding spots are becoming few and far between, but also so that I could film and shoot photos on it. Year after year it never materialized and became a huge monkey on my back to finish it, until my impending move to Utah last month forced me to buckle down on the shovel all winter and get it done. This video is a look at my first and last hits at this spot I had slaved on for years before I packed up and left California for the Utah desert.


“This project represents being able to put all that behind me and get back to what I really love doing. It was a challenge with weather, nagging injuries, head games, and tough builds, but the process was fun and something that I had really missed.”

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