Bomber CR
Bomber CR
Bomber CR
Bomber CR
Bomber CR
Bomber CR

Curious about coil? It’s no secret coil shocks offer amazing on-trail feel and the Bomber CR provides a plush, planted feel and consistency during long shred sessions. From riders looking to breathe new life into an old ride to customers wanting a new bike that they can set and forget, the Bomber CR delivers. This high-performance yet simple rear shock pairs well with bikes in travel ranges from 130mm to over 200mm. Keeping in step with Marzocchi’s founding philosophies, this new rear shock prioritizes suspension performance, ride quality and durability. Simply set your sag and rebound, and go ride.


Did you know?

Mountain bikes (MTB) and electric mountain bikes (eMTB) with "strut-mounts" require additional evaluation when configuring with a Marzocchi aftermarket coil shock.

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PLEASE NOTE: This shock does not come with a spring. See '3 Steps to Buy the Right Shock' tab to add the right spring and remember to keep the size of your shock chosen above handy.

Bomber CR


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  • Adjustable low-speed compression and rebound damping
  • Bomb proof build for a set it and forget it rider
  • Standard: 7.5x2.0”, 7.875x2.0”, 7.875x2.25”, 8.5x2.5”, 8.75x2.75”
  • Metric: 210x50mm, 210x55mm, 230x60mm, 230x65mm, 250x75mm
  • Trunnion: 185x52.5mm, 185x55mm, 205x60mm, 205, 65mm, 225x75mm

Revive your Ride
with Wade Simmons

The Do Everything Rear Shock

No Fuss Upgrade

I love the simplicity of coil, it gives you confidence durability wise and you're not finicking with your air pressure all the time...set it and forget it.

Wade Simmons