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Custom Bomber 58 forks Rampage 2022

Get Retro this Rampage with a Custom Bomber 58

When it comes to bike gear, nothing speaks to a rider’s unique style as much as a custom paint job. And to celebrate Red Bull Rampage this year, we’re giving away not only one, but two custom-painted Bomber 58 forks. Winning one of these beauties won’t necessarily make you skilled enough to send it down the Rampage course, but with the same custom style as Jaxson Riddle or Tyler McCaul, you’’ definitely have the confidence. 


Let’s take a closer look. 

Jaxson’s Golden Era of Moto 

Jaxson fork 58

Harkening back to the heyday of motocross, Jaxson’s fork graphics are modelled after one of Travis Pastrana’s MX fork designs that graced the glossy pages of 90s moto magazines. Everything from the podium placing color pallet to the racing stripe font was considered by artist Ron Jones of Pro Bike Design. 

58 Jaxson Rampage

“Getting that same look as Pastrana’s fork proved an interesting challenge,” says Jones. “It had these carbon fiber fork guards that protect the inverted stanchions on motocross bikes. To get that textured look of carbon I used an old-school paint technique by wrapping the lower with a fishing net and spraying on a carbon-looking color.” 

58 Fork rampage

“To replicate the hard anodized crowns and dropouts, I used a paint color called liquid metal, a kind of bright, smooth silver,” describes Jones. “I added a yellow tint to get that yellowy gold look of the hard ano. It really helps stand out to the sea of black fork crowns out there.” 

58 fork rampage 2022

T-Mac’s Super Monster Replica 

Tmacs 58 rampage 2022

Back in the early 2000s, bigger was always better. The 300mm travel Marzocchi Super Monster may have been a bit too big to evolve alongside modern freeride geometry, but that wasn’t about to stop T-Mac from bringing back the look of this old-school fan favorite. 

58 fork 2022

Polished alloy finish. Black and white color palette. Gothic font. Ready to drop in along to a death metal soundtrack.

Tmac rampage 2022 fork

No translation needed. 300mm of travel is strictly metaphorical. 

rampage 2022

Often found prowling the Utah desert, this monster takes no prisoners. 

Tmacs Rampage 2022 rig

 Ready to Rampage. 

Photos by Peter Jamison  

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