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Oskar Nagy fieldwork

FIELDWORK Ft. Oszkar Nagy


Nothing trains an expert hand more than time in the field. For Oszkar Nagy, that means countless hours dialing tricks and perfecting his airtime in his slopestyle yard in northern Hungary. FIELDWORK captures the payoff moments when Oszkar lands exactly as he intended, but also the odd hard knock that help him get there. No judges, no crowds, no competition. Just his bike, some well-built slopestyle jumps and riding until the sun goes down. 

Oskar Nagy fieldwork

Oskar Nagy Fieldwork

Filmed with his crew of usual suspects Viktor Csaszar and Bence Szabo mostly at Oszkar’s slopestyle yard, the video also includes footage from a forested dirt jump line at an undisclosed location in Hungary, what Oszkar describes as “the coolest, most unique, well-built and maintained trails line in the country.” Smooth as glass. Just like his riding. 

Oskar Nagy Fieldwork

One of the more daring features in the video was the boner log. Steep and scary with a massive vertical drop, it kept Oszkar on his toes while training and filming for FIELDWORK. 


 “If you take a look at the distance-to-drop ratio, which then goes into a very long landing, it’s a feature that you don`t want to crash on,” says Oszkar. “The bar flip off that was something I really had to commit to. The nose-bonk to whip was probably the trick that I was most proud of, just because of the consequence of crashing into that 40-foot-long landing. Though, once I landed it, it became a lot more casual and not that scary anymore.” 

Oskar Nagy fielwork

Oskar Nagy Fieldwork

Just another day in the field. Casual. 

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