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Athlete Video: Welcome Jaxson Riddle

Athlete Video: Welcome Jaxson Riddle

We're introducing Jaxson Riddle as part of the Marzocchi team by letting him do what he does best – sending it in style. 

Coming off an impressive year, including winning the 'Best Style' award at Red Bull Rampage, Jaxson is looking to continue pushing the boundaries of freeride using his own unique voice and approach, both on and off the bike.

From tackling huge lines in the hills of Utah to his impressive tech wizardry in the skate park; we can always expect the mind-blowing riding that Jaxson is known for.

"It doesn’t get much better than being on a team with all my best friends. As far as 2022 goes for me, I just want to enjoy learning, growing and helping others... pushing my riding in a direction that I think is tight. With that being said, I can’t wait to see what comes of this new partnership!" - JR

Day 1 - Desert Vibes


Battle ready. Jaxson's Rampage steed is a Transition TR11 with our very own Marzocchi Bomber 58 and Bomber CR. While he's still fine-tuning his setup, Jaxson currently runs 80 psi and 6 volume spacers on the front fork and a 700 lb spring on the rear shock.


Jaxson Riddle in the deserts of Utah.

Launching into the future. Jaxson is at the forefront of the next generation freeride, seamlessly blending huge hits and technical tricks.

Full extension and then some. Safe to say the freeride phenom knows the importance of the pre-shred stretch.

Flat out. Jaxson pins a Virgin berm in Utah.

Mvidia. Believe it or not this is the state soil of Utah. The fine sandy loam texture enables precipitation to infiltrate and not pond on the surface making the precipitation available to the plants. This loam also makes for a softer landing for mid-flight ejections.

Elite level whips. Look for Jaxson to be gracing the podium at plenty of whip-offs this season.

Jaxson looks on as the sun sets on another successful day in the desert he spends most of his time.

Day 2 - Skate Park Session

Jaxson's other weapon of choice: his Transition PB&J, complete with our set-it-and-forget-it dirt jump fork, the Bomber DJ.

A tale of two hips.

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