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2022 Marzocchi Athlete Announcement

2022 Marzocchi Athlete Announcement

In 2021, the world watched new and upcoming freeriders bring the sport to a different level. As we kick off 2022, we want to share the stoke on some big names joining Marzocchi, each with big possibilities for helping build this movement further. 

Brage Vestavik, Jaxson Riddle, and Reece Wallace are three riders that pushed freeride culture and continue to bring their own unique views and we’re excited to welcome them to the Marzocchi team.

“When considering core riders and unique personalities, Brage, Jaxson, and Reece all come to mind. As we planned out 2022 and beyond, it was clear that bringing these 3 onto the Marzocchi team and supporting their visions would be key. Not only for Marzocchi but also for the progression of the sport and culture of freeride.” - William Blouin-Comeau, Marzocchi Sports Marketing 


Brage Vestavik - The winner of hearts and minds after dropping what most consider the best edit of 2021, Brage searches for freedom outside the status quo. After years of building and growing the riding scene in Norway, he’s bringing a fresh perspective with hints of OG freeride to the rest of the world. Though he’s still rehabbing a shoulder injury post Rampage crash, we expect him to come back stronger and likely wilder than before.

Learn more about Brage Vestavik

Growing up watching all the New World Disorder movies, Marzocchi was always the sickest! I started riding at 7 years old and remember first riding Marzocchi then. I’m super stoked to officially join the team and return to my roots, focusing more on freeride these days. Can’t wait for the future and the projects we have planned!” - BV



Jaxson Riddle - Coming off an impressive year, including the Most Stylish Run at Red Bull Rampage, Jaxson looks to continue pushing boundaries with his own unique style. Alongside his new teammates, we can expect some big moto whips and hopefully catch him ripping his El Camino through the desert – because, why not!

Learn more about Jaxson Riddle

I’m very excited to join forces with Marzocchi! It doesn’t get much better than being on a team with all my best friends. As far as 2022 goes for me, I just want to enjoy learning, growing and helping others. As well as pushing my riding in a direction that I think is tight! With that being said, I can’t wait to see what comes of this new partnership!” - JR


Reece Wallace - Canadian athlete and pilot Reece is known for his creative concepts and stories in the backwoods of BC. Taking on new builds, custom bike projects, and a load of content for 2022 and beyond, we look forward to seeing what’s to come. Long live the BC freeriding scene.

Learn more about Reece Wallace

Marzocchi has an iconic linage of free riders, and I’m stoked to be joining the team. Growing up, all my heroes rode legendary forks like the Monster T and Shiver—my first DH and dirt jump bikes even had had Marzocchi (888 & DJ III). Marzocchi has developed into a leading brand, and I’m stoked it’s all coming around full circle. I'm pumped to develop this partnership over the years and be a part of the story.” - RW


We look forward to having Brage, Jaxson, and Reece embed themselves into the truly bomber Marzocchi team alongside returning athletes in 2022 and beyond. If what we have seen in the past year is only the start, we can only image what all 3 will bring to life. Keep your eyes open – madness is coming.


For the full 2022 Marzocchi athlete roster visit our Athletes Page.

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