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How To Buy The Right Shock

How to Buy the Right Shock

Buying a shock doesn't have to be confusing. Follow these steps to find the right one:

1. Determine if you need Trunnion or Standard Eyelets.

Shocks are bolted to the frame using one of two methods – eyelet mounts or trunnion mounts. Eyelet mounts run a bolt through the ends of the shock, whereas Trunnion shock have bolts that thread into the shock at the reservoir end. To determine which type you need for your bike, look up your bike model on the manufacturer website – the shock will either have the word ‘Trunnion’ listed beside the shock measurement or not. If it doesn’t say Trunnion, your shock uses standard eyelet mounts.

2. Find your Eye to Eye and Stroke measurements.

These two measurements are essential to buying the right shock. Both numbers can be found on your bike manufacturers website. Find where the specifications for your bike are listed and look at the row for Rear Shock. Beside the Brand and model, the manufacturer will list two numbers: the first one is the eye-to-eye and the second is the stroke length.

Metric example: 205 (eye-to-eye) x 65 (stroke)
Imperial example: 7.875" (eye-to-eye) x 3" (stroke)

If your bike is more than three years old, the manufacturer may not list the shock measurements on the model page. If not, use a Vernier Caliper to measure from the center of the top of the shock to the bottom eye – that’s your eye-to-eye. Second, measure from where the stanchion goes into the body to the bottom of the stanchion. That’s your stroke length.

3. Gather Mounting Hardware.

Mounting hardware is the collection of spacers you need to ensure the shock you buy fits your bike. If you’re replacing the shock that is currently on your bike, you can remove the hardware from that shock and press it into your new Bomber CR. If you don’t have the tools to make that switch, you can buy mounting hardware here.

Mounting hardware is dictated by your bike manufacturer. You can usually find it in the Owners Manual, but sometimes it can be tricky to find. If you need help determining what type you have, our friends at FOX created this helpful guide.

4. Add a spring.

If you’re buying a Bomber CR coil shock, you’re going to need a coil spring as well. Use the calculator when you add your shock to cart to determine which spring will suit your weight and bike the best.

5. Get Sendy!

You’re now ready to go. If you have any questions at all, reach out to our Rider Support team and they will help you figure it out.


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