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How do I install my shock?

Installing your shock is straight-forward and no specialty tools are required. Go to our 'How to Install Your Shock' page here to learn how to get it done.

Can I adjust the stroke length of my coil shock?

Stroke length for the Bomber CR is adjustable by up to 5mm, but it must be sent to an authorized FOX/Marzocchi Service Centre to make this change, as it involves specialized tools. You can book in a service here to change the stroke on our shocks

How do I know what coil spring is right for my shock?

Spring weight is dependent on three main factors: shock stroke length, bike travel and rider weight. Once you have these three factors you can figure out which spring we recommend, then you can choose whether you want to go stiffer (higher spring weight) or softer (lower spring weight).  

 You can use our Spring Calculator here to determine what is best for you.

What is Trunnion?

Trunnion is a type of shock body where the pivot bolts thread into the shock itself. This is different than a standard eyelet shock, where the pivot bolts pass through eyelets in the shock and thread into themselves. The benefits of Trunnion mounts is that they can shorten the eye-to-eye length of the shock. 

Trunnion shocks have specific sizes as well. The Trunnion Bomber CRs are the following sizes: 

  • 185x52.5mm
  • 185x55mm
  • 205x60mm
  • 205x65mm
  • 225x75mm

What is the warranty on your products?

Our warranty policy covers all manufacturing defects for the original owner. Marzocchi products are designed and engineered to withstand some of the harshest riding conditions. That being said, these products have a lifetime and will deteriorate over time and may require service to maximize its performance and functionality. Your Marzocchi Warranty Technician will evaluate the failed product and consider factors such as age, riding hours, intended use of product and use environment when determining a warranty claim. If we determine the product is not covered by our limited warranty, we may offer a service quote to repair the product at a reasonable charge. For full warranty information, please click here.

What does my fork come with?

Included in the box is a star nut, cable grommet and the owners manual.

How often should I service my suspension?

The recommended service interval on the Bomber suspension is 125 hours. You can book a suspension service here. 

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