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Sharing The Stoke, Episode 1: Wade & Logan

Sharing The Stoke, Episode 1: Wade & Logan

Marzocchi athletes are training at the highest level in their field, day after day, run after run. They’re confident, bold, and experienced. They’ve seen just about everything a run can throw at them. But, what happens when we toss that same athlete into a completely different sport? And we pair him/her with a master of this different sport? There’s vulnerability, laughs, fear, triumph, humanity: the big things. Within this cross-sport playground, we get the opportunity to explore these legends of sport, the depths of their athleticism, and the courage that binds them all.

In Episode 1 of our new cross-sport athlete series, we pair the Godfather of Freeride Mountain Biking, Wade Simmons with pro freeskier and sled athlete, Logan Pehota. Watch as the multiple-time Freeride World Tour winner, Pehota, takes Wade into his backyard and shows him the ways of the sled, before descending upon the Lower Mainland's iconic North Shore to pick up some tips and tricks from one of the best to ever grace an MTB saddle.

DAY 1 - Sledding with Logan at Mt. Sproatt

Wade sets out on the Sea-to-Sky highway with some classic tunes as he drives to meet Logan Pehota.
Clash of the titans. The two legends of sport meet for the first time.
The stoke is high as Wade gears up for a day on the slopes.
Logan gives Wade some final advice before setting out for the day. The boys are spending the day on Mt. Sproatt. Wtih an elevation of 6017 ft / 1834 m, Sproatt is surrounding by the beautiful Wedge, Rainbow and Whistler mountains.
Just like riding a bike. Wade gets his bearings as Logan leads the way.
Logan makes it look easy as he shows Wade how to tackle the steeps.
Maybe not "just" like riding a bike. Wade realizes it's a little harder than it looks.
We have liftoff. Logan sends a natural hip with style.
Weighing an approximate 400lbs more than Wade's typical steed, Logan discusses proper technique as Wade prepares to launch his sled.
The pair search high and low for the perfect spot to launch. Wade spots a rock gap in the distance that could be just right.
Digging. Packing. Sculpting. The boys put in work on "Wade's Gap".
The Godfather in his element...sending. Wade's Gap is roughly a 25x20 huck over a large exposed boulder.
Misson complete. The boys celebrate Wade's first successful send on his sled.
That's a wrap on day 1. Tomorrow we venture into Wade's world as he shows Logan what riding the Shore is all about.

DAY 2 - Shredding with Wade at Cypress Mountain.
The boys unload and gear up for the day.
Wade helps Logan dial in his ride with a few final tweaks before they set out.
Time to shred.
Wade takes Logan down a few of the more moderate trails on Cypress as the pair warms up.
Baby steps. Wade coaches Logan over progressively larger features.
Wade leads the way over the first proper send of the day, and Logan cleans it with ease.
The kid is learning quickly with some coaching from the Godfather. Logan leads Wade off an off-camber feature.
Wade repairs a flat after hucking to flat. The boys scope out the final feature of the day.
Lead by example. Logan watches closely as Wade shows how to send the largest drop of the day.
After a few run ups, Logan commits and lands the biggest drop on his mountain bike to date.
Sharing the stoke!
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