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Garret Mechem Rides Slopestyle, Racing, and Freeride

Garret Mechem Rides Slopestyle, Racing, and Freeride

It's no secret that 2020 FMB Rookie of the Year Garret Mechem is a wizard on two wheels. The multi-discipline rider works hard to balance a hectic training and travel schedule to continually improve all facets of his game.



"Slopestyle, racing and freeride. These are the disciplines that mean the most to me and what I focus on. Freeriders, slope athletes and racers have very different styles on and off the bike, we wanted to show the different worlds and styles of riding in the same realm!" -Lil' Rojo


From Santa Cruz to Reno and a host of contest stops in between, come along for a ride with Garret as he navigates his rowdy multi-bike season.
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